DNB Auto Finance

DNB Auto Finance provides easy and flexible car financing solutions for consumers and companies. Financing solutions are aimed for both new and used cars. Company is owned by Finnish Bassadone Nordic Automotive and Norwegian DNB.

Financing solutions for consumers and companies

DNB Auto Finance provides flexible installment financing solutions for consumers and companies with a payment period of 12–72 months at best. The loan is insured by the purchased car. The ownership of the car passes to the buyer as the contract ends.

In addition, DNB Auto Finance offers private leasing solutions for consumers. Private leasing is an easy and carefree alternative, in which you don’t need to own car by yourself. New car is in use for 1–5 years for a monthly fee. At the end of the contract the car can be returned. Private leased car can be also redeemed at any point during the contract period.

Furthermore, DNB Auto Finance offers financial leasing solutions for business clients. In that solution, the car is rented for 2–5 years. The loan is insured by the rented car. Financial leasing is great for companies, as no loan is needed for having the car. First rental installment is usually 10–20% of the price of a new car. After the first installment, the monthly fee is smaller and fixed. Financial leasing contract doesn’t have any kilometer limits.

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